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Calling an Expert Witness at a Trial

If you have a client who is in trouble, and you feel as though the case is most definitely going to trial, you are going to have to start the preparations. And the reality is that preparing for each trial is different. There are so many unique circumstances to each case, and you have to make sure that you are on top of anything that could possibly help or hurt your client. And one of the steps that you will have to take is figure out who is going to come on to the stand as a witness from your side.

When you are dealing with such a case, you have to remember there are two types of witnesses that you may be calling. You will have the regular witnesses, who are usually co-workers, family members or alibi witnesses. These are people who will either talk about the character of the person in question, their behavior, or they will say they saw the person at a certain time on a specific day. These witnesses are needed to help establish the character of your client, and to show the judge or jury they could not have committed the crime.

But then you have the expert witnesses, who are there to talk about more technical matters of the case. Whether it is a criminal or a civil case, you are going to need to find expert witness services if you want to help your client. For instance, if some aspect of the trial is going to revolve around financial transactions, you may want to find an expert witness who has a history in the financial and banking world. They would be able to help corroborate some of the things that you are saying in your opening and closing statements regarding the case.