The Importance Of Cleaning In Clinics

Both cleaning and disinfection are considered basic non-clinical procedures and fundamental for daily activity in any clinic, which is a large part of human and financial resources. It implies the participation of all professionals in aspects such as financing or execution in services.

Since cleaning clinics is such an important duty, it’s better for all clinics to employ clinic cleaning services that have been trained specifically to clean medical environments to the best of their ability.

This type of work is much more important for the personnel of the health services than for any other type of work. Biosecurity is of vital importance because of the evident risk that patients can transmit infections to workers or vice versa. Very often, workers are in their workplace as if they had become immune to the infectious agents with which they are in contact.

Although any microbiological agent may be a source of infection, some of the most prominent are tuberculosis historically, hepatitis B virus and in recent years the spectrum of human T-lymphocyte virus (HTLV III) and its ability to cause the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

Avoiding these agents is based on the acquisition of appropriate habits, and the training and awareness of all the staff working in the medical center. It is essential to promote a more active role for workers, in the prevention of HAIs (infections related to health care) and patient safety.

In the sanitary environment it is necessary to take preventive measures to reduce occupational risks in this type of work. The use of chemical products and their possible consequences makes training in these cases essential. Another element that is of vital importance are disposable products such as disposable gloves, disposable masks , disposable scalpels … all to ensure maximum safety and hygiene.